Avant-Garde Art Canada Inc. is pleased to represent a collective of high calibre artists, whose works have been featured in fine art magazines and globally in exhibits across Europe, Canada and the United States. Their breadth of styles and talents are showcased through their award-winning pieces and ever-evolving artistic endeavours.

Avant-Garde Art Canada Inc. is as daring, sophisticated and glamorous as the art we promote. We work with artists who have a certain “je ne sais quoi”, who are each trailblazers in their own distinct way.

Below is a gallery of our artists presenting their style and notable works. You can view each artist’s profile to learn about them, view their featured works and learn about their accomplishments. Each artist is available for commissioned work, so browse our gallery and find that style that speaks to you!

For current collections, additional pieces and bespoke work, contact us.

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Gabriel Landry
Lynda Dallaire
Richard Bernardin