We do not follow the beaten path and are rather a trendsetter. Avant-Garde Art  is as daring, sophisticated and glamorous as the art we promote. We work with artists who have a certain “je ne sais quoi”, who are trailblazers in their own way.

Avant-Garde Art Canada Inc.

Caroline Bergeron Photo by Shaun Lawless

It all started during my late teenage years when I learned in high school that my two predominant career traits were “artistic” and “entrepreneur”.

My love for art developed during my college years in Quebec City. I learned about art at school while growing up with my stepmother who was a high-end interior designer in the city. I tagged along to help on so many projects and witnessed the power of colours on people, looking at white empty spaces like blank canvases to later see them fully furnished and decorated beyond the clients’ expectations.

Québec City and Montreal are rich cultural cities and I was blessed to be able to attend countless art exhibitions, art galleries and museums, fashion shows and art fairs, all to find beauty at every corner. This was the time where fashion and art almost became my career.

Then the entrepreneur side took over. I traded my artistic penchant for the legal world and ended up graduating with four law degrees from three unique cultural and linguistic perspectives. I was in a comfortable routine and then life made me question everything and anything in the blink of an eye.

2020 was a very important year for me on a personal level, and I decided to unleash my full potential. From experiencing hardship, creativity came. The product of that creation is Avant-Garde Art Canada Inc. With more than 25 years since my first law degree, I am now at a place in my life where I can bring my strengths from my legal and business backgrounds into the art world and really embrace both spectrums of my abilities: “entrepreneur” and “artistic”. I am an art lover, a lawyer and a businesswoman. Who said you had to choose? I never followed the beaten path, why would I start now?