Lynda Dallaire

Lynda Dallaire
Lynda Dallaire

Lynda Dallaire is a contemporary artist who paints with acrylic on metal, using mixed media in a semi-abstract style. Visual arts have always been a part of Lynda’s life and her experiments with various artistic techniques and media led her to pursue numerous art classes once in college. A businesswoman for over twenty-five years, Lynda also holds degrees in languages and interior design.

It was only in 2010 when Lynda decided to start painting full time, which has led her to exhibit at various venues in Canada and in Europe, including national art galleries. Aside from her artistic work, Lynda founded her own publishing house, Fabulle, in Spring 2014, which publishes books for children. She has written over 70 childrens’ books since that period while maintaining a full-time career as a painter.

Lynda is recognized for her distinct technique and style of painting acrylic flowers on metal. The transparency of the acrylic on the aluminum creates stunning tints of luminosity. These tints, along with the richness of the newly created textures – some with coffee beans – are highlighted by adding a final coat of lacquer. The captivating contrast between the cold metal and the warmth of the compositions results in illuminating works of art. As part of her paintings, Lynda sometimes incorporates geodes of amethyst or citrine, polished agates or fluorites, petrified wood, and Swarovski crystals. Interestingly, each piece of art Lynda creates can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. This artist follows the sun schedule and only paints when it is sunny as she only uses natural light to guide herself in creating her pieces.


  • Represented permanently by the Galerie d’Art Le Bourget (Montreal) and by L’Autre Galerie d’Art Iris (Baie-St-Paul, Quebec)
  • Interviewed by CCAP.Tv in 2015 where a complete episode was dedicated to her art
  • In 2013, participated in both the 38th International Exhibition (Roma, Italy) and the 37th International Exhibition (Bruges, Belgium)
  • From 2010 through to 2013, attended various group exhibitions throughout Quebec, including at the Musée de la Civilisation and performed a solo exhibition at the Château Laurier (2012)
  • In 2012, received the Grande Distinction and Honours Diploma for her contribution to promoting visual arts on the international scene at the 36th International Exhibition in Constanta, Romania
  • Published in PORTRAIT magazine (October 2012) and in Capital-Québec (December 2012)
  • Published in Magazin’Art in Spring of 2011
  • Published in the interior design and architecture magazine SofaDéco – both in Montreal and Quebec in December 2011
  • Participated, in 2011, at the 35th International Exhibition of the Festival International des Cultures Francophones – Marenne, France and received an Honours Diploma for the originality, esthetic value and technique in her displayed art
  • Received, in 2011 and 2010, an Honours Diploma for her contribution to promoting visual arts on the international scene for both the 34th International Exhibition – Bruges, Belgium and the 33rd International Exhibition – Cangas, Spain respectively
  • Won the Prix Grande Distinction, in 2010, for her distinct technique at the 27th Gala International des Arts Visuels Son et Lumière in Montreal

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