Caroline Bergeron, who signs her art under the pseudonym of ARO, is a contemporary abstract painter experimenting with various media, primarily working with acrylic. She develops her artwork in successive layers.  Dripping and all-over colours with a knife palette can be found in her work, which is sometimes at the crossroad between lyrical abstract and geometric abstract. She defines her art as dynamic, thoughtful and vibrant. She is inspired by the diverse encounters she has on a daily basis, which influences who she is, how she feels and the way she creates. 

Each painting has its own story, ARO is only telling it. ARO explores the interplay between a complete surrender of her creative muse and a tightly controlled technique, creating vibrant works filled with vivid colours and subtle textures. 

ARO communicates through her art. She wants to reach out to people and touch them on a deeper emotional level, one painting at a time.

“When I stand in front of the canvas, my goal is not to create something that “everyone” will love, but to turn my gaze inward, paint my truth and my worldview, and unveil my heart and my vulnerabilities. As an individual, I am the sum of all the people I have come across. It made me who I am and shaped the way I create and define myself as an artist.”

Her drive for painting and creating multiple collections led her to present solo exhibitions and participate in group exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States, France, and Poland. She quickly obtained awards and distinctions for her work. She is also the subject of several articles, reviews and publications in books and specialized magazines, as well as appearances on television.

In 2018, she was appraised by an art expert in Canada and, in 2020, by Akoun in France. That same year, she entered the museum level in France.

For each piece ARO creates, she provides an explanation on the back of the painting which describes its meaning and how she felt when she created that particular piece. 

ARO is always up for a challenge and welcomes commissioned work, whether it is for a residential project or a commercial space. If you wish to acquire a one-of-a-kind artwork from ARO, please contact us.


  • Received a Certificate of Recognition from the VR3D Contemporary Art Museum, Longwy (France) for her contribution to promoting Canadian art on the international scene in 2020
  • Former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, acquired an artwork from ARO in September 2019
  • Was selected among thousands of candidates at the ACA Contest, Art Design Consultant Fine Art, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA for years 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • Received, in 2018, a medal of honour for the quality of her work and her contribution in promoting Canadian art on the international scene (Poland) and a gold medal for her distinct technique with her piece Aiming for the Impossible (France) at the international exhibition of Le Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec
  • Exhibited with Art Blend at Spectrum Miami, December 2019
  • Published in Magazin’Art in Spring, Summer and Winter of 2018; and Summer and Winter of 2019
  • Opened her own art gallery in August 2018 in Stoneham, Quebec
  • Exhibited at Art Shopping – Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, May 2018
  • Exhibited at Art Expo – New York, April 2018
  • Recognized by the Mondial Art Academia in France, 2017

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