RIO is a modern and versatile artist that thrives through the mystery of his paintings. His burning passion for life emerges from his intricate pieces. In his art, you can experience the perfect balance between colours and textures.

When looking at RIO’s paintings, you enter into his own mysterious world, bringing the old with the new. This artist uses centuries-old encyclopedia pages and brings them back to life with powerful feminine images. RIO is in constant evolution seeking to achieve new creativity levels in mixed media by using ground-breaking techniques and a colourful palette for a unique work of art. All paintings are original and there is no print reproduction.  

He exhibited his art in Paris, Los Angeles and has customers throughout North America. He is a young visionary, a vibrant artist who only follows his own path and keeps re-inventing himself. His street art paintings are currently exhibited for sale at The Palms, Inspired Kitchen & Cocktails, in Victoria, British Columbia.

This talented artist also offers personalized masterpieces where colours and style can be custom-tailored to your preferences. If you wish to acquire a unique work of art or would like to discuss the possibility of a personalized RIO masterpiece, please contact us.


  • Featured in YAM magazine, Sept./Oct. 2020
  • RIO’s street art paintings are available for sale at The Palms Restaurant
  • Partnered with high-end fashion designer Pascal Labelle on the creation of four special-edition coats RIO painted using mixed techniques and materials
  • Exhibited in Los Angeles, May 2019
  • Opened his own art gallery, Fall 2019
  • Exhibited at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, May 2018
  • Exhibited in Paris, February 2017
  • Featured in the Art & Design magazine, Paris, 2017

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